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Her Baby Donor

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They don't tell you this when you apply for the job, but working at a fertility clinic makes you seriously baby crazy.
I mean, there should be an ovary warning or something.
Every day I sit here watching happily married couples come in and get the one thing in the world they want most.

A baby.

And I just sit here, my biological clock ticking, watching.

Although, if I was going to get a 'donation', I know exactly who I'd want it from.

Alexander Preston is sexy, rich, wears an impeccably tailored suit, but still can't hide the amazing tattoos and bad boy attitude that's dying to peek out from beneath his collar.

And then I walk in on him!

That's right. While he's in the process of making a 'donation'.
Can I just say, I'm glad they make those plastic cups so big, because he freaking filled his to the brim.

Now I don't just want a baby. I want his baby.
I want him to make me pregnant.
Oh, and while he's at it, I wouldn't say no to a proposal and an engagement ring!

Páginas 254
Idioma Inglés
Publicación 2018
Editorial Autor-Editor
Categoría Novela Romántica

Ficha del libro añadida por alexiuca
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