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Fall of Giants

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The novel begins with the thirteen-year-old Billy Williams, nicknamed Billy Twice, going to work his first day in the coal mine underneath the fictional Welsh town of Aberowen in 1911.

Three years later, the main story begins. Earl Teddy Fitz Fitzherbert, who maintains a country estate in Aberowen, and licenses the land on which the coal mine is built, hosts a party for many powerful people around the world. His guests include:

-Maud Fitzherbert, Fitz's sister, who is far more liberal than her conservative brother.
-Walter von Ulrich, a German nobleman and a former schoolmate of Fitz's. He and Maud begin at the party to act on the mutual attraction they have felt for years.
-Graf (Count) Robert von Ulrich, Walter's Austrian homosexual cousin.
-Gus Dewar, a highly-educated American who is also a close adviser to President Woodrow Wilson.
-Bea Fitzherbert, Fitz's wife, a Russian Princess.
-King George V, King of the British Empire.
-Mary of Teck, wife of King George V.

Major characters introduced after the party include Grigori and Lev Peshkov, two Russian orphans who work in a locomotive factory, and have personal reasons to hold a grudge against Princess Bea and the rest of the Russian royal family. Grigori and Lev's father was executed by Bea's aristocratic family for alleged improper grazing of cattle on Bea's family's land.

The overall theme of the novel revolves around common people trying, and many times succeeding, in throwing off the yokes so often placed on them by a society (largely focused on Britain and Russia) dominated by the landed aristocracy.

The characters and their extended families find their fortunes changing for the better and for the worse due to both their interactions with each other and the effects of the First World War.

SerieCentury Trilogy 01
Páginas 746
Idioma Inglés
Publicación 2010
Editorial Penguin Books
Categoría Novela Histórica
ISBN 9780451232588

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shalatif dice:
it´s been a great book I m going to begin the last book of the triology , the Edge of Eternity , it´s been a great way to know more about the 1st WW , it was my birthday gift 2 ye... leer más
Magnifico comienzo de la trilogía. No he tenido problemas con la contidad de personajes que aparecen en el relato y me parece que suministra suficiente información para aproximar a... leer más
Lo que más me alucina de Ken Follet es su capacidad para recrear las épocas históricas en las que se desarrollan sus argumentos. Es una pena que sus personajes sean tan maniqueísta... leer más
maralv dice:
Como todos los de Ken Follet que he leido me ha gustado mucho. Al principio los personajes están tan dispersos que cuesta mantener la trama. Espero que los demás de la trilogía man... leer más
odiseo dice:
Después de leer Los Pilares de la Tierra, Ken Follet no era un autor que me atrajera especialmente. Hice una tregua con él para leer este libro, que otra persona me había recomenda... leer más

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